PhD position: Radiomics as biomarker in multi-modality treatment of locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Radiation Oncology is a highly personalized field of medicine. However, the given dose of radiation is not adapted to the tumor biology of the individual patient but is based on population based studies. To further personalize radiation oncology, tumor biomarkers […]

The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Institute of Cardiology – job offer in Department of Nuclear Medicine

Job description is given in Polish:  Instytut Kardiologii w Warszawie-Aninie (IK) zatrudni absolwenta Wydziału Fizyki (kierunek: Zastosowanie fizyki w biologii i medycynie, specjalność: Fizyka medyczna) w Samodzielnej Pracowni Medycyny Nuklearnej IK – od października 2017r. W zakres obowiązków wchodzi m.in.: […]

[Neuroinf] ogłoszenia na liście comp-neuro


Institute of Psychology Polish Academy of Sciences – job offer: Research Assistant in Clinical Neuroscience Lab

More information can be found here: http://psych.pan.pl/pl/praca-w-ip-pan/   Contact:   

PhD position at Nenecki: Outside conscious vision – possible resource of visual rehabilitation

Supervisor: Kalina Burnat-Kuijpers assistant professor, Nencki Institute, Laboratory of Neuroplasticity, Warsaw Background: The leading cause of declining vision with age is macular degeneration syndrome (AMD), which affects the central retina. Our recent results suggest that peripheral visual system exhibits […]

Job for student in IP PAN/master project

A candidate should fulfill the following criteria: (1) be a 4rd of 5th year (or equivalent) student of Neuroinformatics, Physiscs, Cgnitive Science, Psychology or other related disciplines, (2) fluency in English both written and spoken, (3) have a documented experience […]

Praca w Pracowni Neuroinformatyki Instytutu Biologii Doświadczalnej

Pracownia Neuroinformatyki Instytutu Biologii Doświadczalnej PAN im. M. Nenckiego poszukuje kandydatów na trzy pozycje: 1. Staż podoktorski w projekcie modelowania propagacji pola elektrycznego w mózgu (wymagany doktorat) 2. Programista naukowy w projekcie przetwarzania dużych zbiorów danych z obrazowania mózgu różnymi […]

PhD position at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences

More details can be found here (given in Polish): Ogłoszenie.

Starlab Neuroscience Data Scientist

Starlab, a private R&D company based in Barcelona (Spain) and Oxford (UK), is looking for an exceptional data scientist with a very hands-on attitude to join our neuroscience team. The successful candidate will work at the forefront of neuroscience research […]