A Postdoctoral position at IFJ PAN in Cracow

OnkoListopad miesiącem świadomości o męskich nowotworach
Oferta pracy na stanowisku doktorant/postdoc dla specjalisty w zakresie uczenia maszynowego w projekcie: EEGDigiTrack Biofeedback AI – innowacyjne urządzenie do spersonalizowanej neuroterapii.

Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN is a leading physics research institute in Poland. Cyclotron Center Bronowice (CCB) IFJ PAN is the first proton beam therapy centre in Poland and is currently in clinical operation. A prestigious A+ grade was assigned to IFJ PAN in the recent national ranking of institutions. IFJ PAN is leading cutting-edge cancer research projects in the field of proton beam therapy.

IFJ PAN offers a Postdoctoral position (1 year, PLN 10000/month brutto) aiming at development of a new proton beam therapy range monitoring method based on plastic scintillator positron emission tomography (J-PET technology). The fellow will conduct GATE Monte Carlo simulations of beta+ isotopes produced with proton beams for different J-PET setup configurations, phantoms and patient data as well as PET image reconstruction using CASTOR/QETIR software. The fellow will be also involved in the analysis of results obtained in experiments and simulations with J-PET.

The project will be conducted in collaboration with Pawel Moskal research group at Jagiellonian University (http://koza.if.uj.edu.pl/pet/).

More details (in Polish): https://www.ifj.edu.pl/kariera/oferty-pracy/naukowe/2019/ad9.pdf