Prof. Emeritus, Neuroinformatics

Her field of research concerns: analysis and modeling of biological signals in particular electrical brain activity – electroencefalogram (EEG) and electrocorticogram (EcoG), also otoacoustic emissions (OAE). She is involved in the introduction of advanced methods of signal evaluation – multivariate and time-frequency methods. Her interest include investigation of motor and cognitive processes, problems of brain connectivity, diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases (in particular Alzheimer). Recently she is involved in multimodal analysis including EEG, fNIRS (functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy), ECG and blood pressure with the aim of understanding of neurovascular coupling. She is a coauthor (with J. Żygierewicz) of the book : “Practical Biomedical Signal Analysis”. She was a founder of the Biomedical Physics Division. She promoted more than 50 MSc and 10 PhD. She is/was an expert-evaluator of the European Commission, Swedish Research Council, Spanish Ministry of Health, Marsden Fund of New Zealand.


More info on: http://www.fuw.edu.pl/~kjbli

Celebration of 50 Aniversary of prof. Blinowska at the University of Warsaw.



Handbooks on biomedical signal processing

First Edition
Second Edition

Covering the latest cutting-edge techniques in biomedical signal processing while presenting a coherent treatment of various signal processing methods and applications, this second edition of Practical Biomedical Signal Analysis Using MATLAB® also offers practical guidance on which procedures are appropriate for a given task and different types of data.

It begins by describing signal analysis techniques—including the newest and most advanced methods in the field—in an easy and accessible way, illustrating them with Live Script demos. MATLAB® routines are listed when available, and freely available software is discussed where appropriate. The book concludes by exploring the applications of the methods to a broad range of biomedical signals while highlighting common problems encountered in practice.

These chapters have been updated throughout and include new sections on multiple channel analysis and connectivity measures, phase-amplitude analysis, functional near-infrared spectroscopy, fMRI (BOLD) signals, wearable devices, multimodal signal analysis, and brain-computer interfaces.

By providing a unified overview of the field, this book explains how to integrate signal processing techniques in biomedical applications properly and explores how to avoid misinterpretations and pitfalls. It helps readers to choose the appropriate method as well as design their own methods. It will be an excellent guide for graduate students studying biomedical engineering and practicing researchers in the field of biomedical signal analysis.


  • Fully updated throughout with new achievements, technologies, and methods and is supported with over 40 original MATLAB Live Scripts illustrating the discussed techniques, suitable for self-learning or as a supplement to college courses
  • Provides a practical comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches in the context of various applications
  • Applies the methods to a variety of signals, including electric, magnetic, acoustic, and optical

Celebration of 50 Aniversary of prof. Blinowska at the University of Warsaw.