Ryszard KUTNER

Prof., Econophysics

I am professor of physics (having the title of professor of physical sciences from 2011 year). My scientific interest is in statistical physics, condensed matter physics, physics of complex systems, econophysics, sociophysics, and computational physics (part of my scientific interest was defined in very recent review paper [1]). I am the author and coauthor of more than 150 scientific papers published in journals classified by JCR and coauthor of few books. I created econophysics on the Faculty of Physics University of Warsaw more than decade ago. I am a foreign member of `Econophysics Network’, University of Leicester UK. I am the Chairman of the Polish Physical Society section `Physics in Economy and Social Sciences’. I promoted more than hundered master and bachelor theses and five doctorates. More informations are located on my homepage http://science24.com/event/econo-erka/

[1] Ryszard Kutner and Jaume Masoliver: `The continuous time random walk, still trendy: fifty-year history, state of art and outlook’, The European Physical Journal B (2017) 90:50.


Ongoing projects: