Biomedical Physics Division Faculty of PhysicsUniversity of Warsaw.

Interdisciplinary research in physics ∩ {medicine ∪ neurobiology ∪ psychology ∪ economy ∪ sociology}. Teaching 1st and 2nd cycle studies in Neuroinformatics and Medical Physics, and 2nd cycle studies in Econophysics.

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    • PRESS: PRoton thErapy research SeminarS
      More information about PRESS can be found here:
    • Aspects of Neuroscience Brainhack 2017
      Aspects of Neuroscience conference satellite event 17-19th November 2017 @ University of Warsaw
    • Aspects of Neuroscience 2017
      7th Annual International Conference “Aspects of Neuroscience” will be held in Warsaw, Poland, from November 24th to 26th, 2017. The conference is intended for students, PhD students and research workers in neuroscience and related fields. This year keynotes are: • […]
    • 13th Econophysics Colloquium and 9th Polish Symposium on Physics in Economy and Social Sciences
      Physics, economics, sociology, mathematics and computer science are fields of science which have created an interdisciplinary areas of research. Econophysics and sociophysics, thriving in the last two and a half decades, are fine examples of such interdisciplinary fields. They use […]
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