6th Baltic-Nordic School on Neuroinformatics BNNI 2018
Job Opportunity: TMSi

PhD studentship or postdoctoral position / Pozycja doktoranta – EEG, neurofeedback w Nenckim

EEG correlates of attention and the effective neurofeedback aided by virtual reality

Application are accepted from now until the position will be fulfilled

Applications are invited for a PhD studentship or postdoctoral position to work with dr. Jacek Rogala and Prof. Andrzej Wróbel at Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, one of largest brain research centers in Eastern Europe. This PhD studentship offers an excellent opportunity for candidates interested in the broad area of neuroscience, cognitive research, and/or brain imaging, to conduct research on the following topics: 1) brain complexity – search for the EEG features reflecting cognitive functions (working memory, visual attention, executive control) which could be implemented in the EEG-neurofeedback training. 2) brain plasticity – how neurofeedback training changes brain structure/function and related behavior. 3) the role of virtual reality in facilitating neurofeedback training.

The studentship and postdoctoral position are open to international candidates; they are planned for 48/24 months respectively with yearly salary of 30 and 60 thousands Polish Zloty. Applications should include a CV and two names of referees. Applications should be sent to j.rogala@nencki.gov.pl

The applicant should possess MSc/PhD diplomas or their equivalents, good command of English, interest in neurophysiology, basic (student) / advanced (post-doc) knowledge of the EEG recording and analytical methods (Matlab, EEGlab). A strong knowledge on cognitive sciences would be appreciated.