Master & Robots Conference will take place in Warsaw (Global Expo) on 13-15th of November. Human and tech interactions or the future of medicine are only an example of interesting topics covered within this conference. More info you can find here: http://mastersandrobots.tech/en/home/

XI Cracow Cognitive Science Conference – Attention and Memory

To whom it may concern, I’d like to share with you the information about the 11th Cracow Cognitive Science Conference. This event is a great opportunity for all young researchers from Europe to share their scientific ideas. Because of the […]

Workshop: Experimental and Numerical Studies in Biomechanics

Experimental and Numerical Studies in Biomechanics Erasmus Teaching and Training Week, June 4-7 Tuesday-Friday, 17:00-19:00, room 1.34 Mohammad Nikkhoo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor; Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Medical Sciences and Technologies. Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, […]


   22nd-24th November 2019   Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland Aspects of Neuroscience conference is organized by members of Neurobiology Scientific Student Association at Faculty of Biology as a part of the ‘Aspects of Neuroscience’ Project. The aim is to highlight […]

OnkoListopad miesiącem świadomości o męskich nowotworach

Koło Naukowe Fizyki Medycznej Wydziału Fizyki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego zaprasza na spotkanie mające na celu przedstawienie informacji dotyczących profilaktyki męskich nowotworów, diagnostyki, a także metod terapii. Zależy nam na zachęceniu uczestników do wykonywania badań profilaktycznych, na oswojeniu choroby nowotworowej, a także […]

A Postdoctoral position at IFJ PAN in Cracow

Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN is a leading physics research institute in Poland. Cyclotron Center Bronowice (CCB) IFJ PAN is the first proton beam therapy centre in Poland and is currently in clinical operation. A prestigious A+ grade was assigned […]

Best poster award

The poster “Reinforcement learning based brain-computer interface” by Maciej Śliwowski, Piotr Tempczyk, Marian Dovgialo, Jarosław Żygierewicz, won the  “Best poster award” in Reinforcement Learning category at the Eastern European Machine Learning Summer School